Student FAQs

1How do I enter the competition?
Students should idealy enroll through the school they are studying. In the unlikely case where your school is not participating in The Math Whizz - Mental Math Competition the student may register himself online on our website: www.themathwhizz.com/student-register
2Can I enter the competition as a team?
The competition is held in both formats - individual event and a group event. However, participants have to enrol as individuals and compete in round one. The top 5 participants in the Primary and Senior Group of each school will automatically from the school team.
3Am I eligible to enter the competition?
Students studying in any Indian school and studying in classes STD I to STD IX may enrol for The Math Whizz - the mental math competition.
4What does the competition format?
Please refer to the link: www.themathwhizz.com/competition-format for details on the process and format
5How can I prepare for the competition?
After registration, every student will be emailed the link to the sample question papers. This will give participants a fair idea of the Round One Format. The math level is going to be almost on par with the NCERT Framework. In short, you will be tested for what is age appropriate for you. Please remember this is a competition as the aim is to check for a student's speed and accuracy.
6Who will judge the competition?
We have a pool of Mathematics teachers, teaching at various reputed organizations. The question papers have been set by them and they will also evaluate and judge the competition.
7Do i need to provide proof of enrollment?
Yes, we will send an email with Admit Card which needs to be carried on the days of respective exams
8How will submissions be screened?
All answer scripts will be checked and screened by qualified mathematics teachers
9What can i win?
Prizes upto Rs 3 Lakhs are for grabs. Please refer to the link: www.themathwhizz.com/prizes for details.
10 What happens if i don’t adhere to all the rules?
The participant will be disqualified
11What are the judging criteria when selecting the semi-finalists?
Please refer to the link: www.themathwhizz.com/competition-format for details on screening process and format
12When is the deadline?
10th October is the last day to register
13When will the results be announce
Within 15 days from the written exam days. Winners of stage event will be immediately announced and awarded
14Will i receive a certificate of achievement for my participation?
15 I did not receive a confirmation email after signing up for the competition. What should i do?
Call us on our helpline number: 99450 27007
16 How will we know about the results?
All results will be published on our website and selected candidates and schools will also be sent an email.
17If our school / students are winner in Round 2, then who pays the travel expenses for Grand Finale?
The travel arrangements needs to be made either by school or parents. The Math Whizz will not be responsible to arrange for the same.